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Early on the founding team fell in love with the name Gather. It felt warm, inclusive, and flowed off the tongue. It fit perfectly with what we were trying to accomplish with the app. Being able to gather together is one of the best features of our local communities. The focus has always been on getting people to take action in their communities around their interests. This will hopefully drive new relationships and connections that will benefit community residents and their communities.

What's in a name?

Photo by Aaron Burden

The name certainly fits the bill, but we were not the first ones to realize this. There are dozens of apps with the name Gather, and unfortunately one of them has led to the top search results for “gather app” to include recommendations not to download the app by reputable sources like Tech Crunch. Startups have a host of challenges to overcome and a best practice is to avoid taking on unnecessary challenges.

So here we are playing the name game again. What would make a new name feel right? Well, hopefully it would start with G so we don’t have to change the logo! Ideally it isn’t a real word so that we can secure a domain name. Yet it should be short and feel like a word that does exist. Alternatively, uncommon words might work.