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Connect with People that Share Interests

Few things in life are more exciting than meeting somebody that shares the same unique interest or has had a similar past experience. Connect with others in your community around the topics you share in common.

Create a Virtual Place

Create a public or private topic to bring people together in a shared environment to discuss in real-time.  Organize your entire group and break out into smaller ones with subtopics. Public and listed topics are discoverable, unlisted topics are private and secure.

Keep Everybody in The Conversation

Keep everybody in the conversation as a topic is also an e-mail list that includes people not on Geome. If you invite somebody to your topic and they are not ready to join, messages posted to the topic will be delivered to them through the e-mail list. Forward e-mails and respond to the list to post messages to the topic from outside Geome.

Broadcast Your Message

How frustrating is it to have something to say, but not the right channel to inform the right people? Topics provide a direct, unfiltered way to get to the right people immediately. Get your message out to the right people at the right time.